Exams! – Back in the game…

Its been a long while since I have sat an exam (Last one was Feb 2020, before lockdown). But I have finally scheduled some (remote) exams. Had a lot of project work and not found a lot of time to study, but a project where we are utilizing NSX-T has given me the kick to sit the exam and fill in the gaps with the features we are using. We also had a real world implementation for a customer back in April of Horizon, utilising probably 80% of the feature set! which was pretty awesome when it went live recently!

I used Linux pretty heavy in the noughties (Gentoo / Mandrake), so enjoying going over stuff, and refreshing my memory of it, its amazing how stuff can be lost over time! Especially when not using it on a regular basis

Here is a snapshot of the rest of the year.

VCAP – DTM (Design) – July 2020

VCP NSX-T – July 2020

EMC VXRail Exam – August 2020

Linux Cert – By end of 2020