Installing Horizon 8.1 Connection Server on Windows 2019.

This is the first part in a series of blog posts to install Horizon 2012 (Aka 8.1) – These are basic install steps on how to get up and running with Horizon 2012.

I really like the Horizon product and what it brings, EUC has always been important but more so in the last year, with an ever-increasing flexible workforce and a lot more of us working from home etc.

There are many factors when designing and deploying into the enterprise, a solid design is most definitely needed.

This series will focus on learning the hands on of this, as such this is a home lab environment with limited resource, but I will try to call out VMware best practices where possible.

Lets get into it.


  • Horizon Executables
  • Windows 2019 Standard Server/VM
  • Static IP

Grab the relevant executables from VMware.



Click Next ->

Accept the End User License Agreement click Next >

Choose your Destination Folder – Click Next >


Horizon Standard Server – This would be your first or a standalone connection server instance

Horizon Replica Server- Replica servers are used for high availability and would form some resilience with the first connection server.

Horizon Enrollment Server -This is linked to SSO and has to do with authentication, this is subject itself and I will try and cover that at some point.

We will use Horizon Standard Server


Type in a recovery password and a “hint”

I just get the installer to config the Windows Firewall for me.

Here you can choose a user or a group to be Horizon Admins, I’m just using my account for testing purposes.


Opt in or out of VMware CEIP and Click Next>

Next is interesting piece, as can specific the location where this function will sit, mine is a homelab, so General for now, click Install

Grab a coffee, this could take several minutes….

All done!

Browse to your server /admin and login with your Horizon Admin creds!


You are all set, that a basic up and running, more in the series will go into the other components that exist in the Horizon space.